speaking guidelines

If you are looking for a speaker for your event and you want deep substance and transformation, then you want Dr. Gentempo.

It is his natural born purpose to inspire, motivate, and transform people from the platform. He is entertaining, riveting, and can hold the attention of the audience in a unique and unmatched way.

If you want people to jump up and down and cheer in a 'hyped' way (and there is nothing wrong with that), then he is not your guy. But if you want to have people go deep into their souls, think about their lives, learn strategies to make them healthier, more productive, more energetic, more happy, then you want Dr. Gentempo.

"As a speaker, I am not in the entertainment business. Entertainment is a good thing and is a nice 'side-effect' to my presentations. But I am there with one crystal clear purpose... transformation. I did my job when the people in my audiences leave the room different than when they came it."


Presentation Formats


These are typically 1-2 hours in length and will tie into the theme of the conference. Dr. Gentempo is brilliant at setting the tone for a conference or meeting. His famous distinction between the "Pivotal and Jacuzzi Experience" gets the crowd completely reframed and engaged for their convention experience.


In the workshop experience, Dr. Gentempo can take groups of varying sizes through a process to deliver a specified result. From personal development, business development, health achievement, decreasing stress and increasing production, self-esteem... there are a wide range of workshops that Dr. Gentempo can perform to create a desired shift.


Want to really go after it? Dr. Gentempo has constructed a model of the remote, off-site transformational intensive. Imagine being on a 6000 acre ranch, 8600 feet high in the Colorado Rockies. There are no TV in the rooms. Your group is not at a hotel with numerous distractions all around. You are in an inspired, remote environment ready to make changes. There's a high rope course for team building. There is a series of presentations, work-shops and group activities. Need a breakthrough? Create and innovate? Solve a business problem? Change of a health profile? Repair burn-out or damaged relationships? Dr. Gentempo has had over 6,600 people through his boot-camps and all of them have had a life-changing experience.

A sampling of Rave Reviews from audience members:

"I'm still at a loss for words! Amazing, poignant, emotional, shocking, passionate... just a few that pop to mind right now. But still, the biggest impact was delivered by Dr G's opening allocution Thursday morning: "When was the last time that you truly challenged yourself?"

"My wife Tami was so inspired this weekend. She said to me, "Every time that I hear Patrick speak, he changes my life!"

"This presentation not only provided me with riveting information to take to our patients but it also introduced opportunities and growth that have changed my life."

"I grew in so many ways. I can't believe how different I was when I left. I can look back now and see the changes I made and challenges I overcame. I love who I am today."

"My purpose has never been clearer."

"I just wanted to say that you changed my life on Saturday so profoundly that is why I was crying. I was embarrassed that it was coming out of me, but it was uncontrollable. I appreciate YOU that you brought that fire back into my belly!"

"The lecture was by far the greatest gift from the Conference. I came home, remembering your words and began creating changes in my life that are "lifting me up" in the blessings of this great work of true service. Thank you."

For pricing and details, please contact Dr. Gentempo's Executive Assistant:

Miguel Mendez
Cell: (385) 229-7685