my business

I have founded, owned and operated multi-million dollar businesses that were aligned with my purpose and passions in life. In the past I have also started some smaller ventures and as well like all entrepreneurs, had some that didn't work out.

I see business as an art form. Not a cold and heartless endeavor. I can't really draw or paint - but I can design and build one hell of a business. That's my art. That's my esthetic. That's my life.

Recently, I sold my largest company and some pieces of related holdings to start what I refer to as "Act 3" of my career. Act 1 was chiropractic practice. And I did well in that and loved being a doctor/healer. While in practice I (with a partner) started innovating new diagnostic technology and after getting a couple of patents and publishing some application and protocols, I started "Act 2" which grew into a sizeable entity. We developed, sold and distributed this cutting-edge diagnostic platform. We recognized that it wasn't the 'equipment that got the result, but rather the person using it.' As a result we created some pretty amazing, out of the box personal development and training programs. From there we expanded into many areas of chiropractic practice and arguably became one of the most visible entities in the industry. When I sold the company we had about 9,000 doctors who were our clients on 6 continents.

Now it am in "Act 3". I have a vision for some critical things that I believe need to come to pass in the world. In a sense I am a disrupter. I see problems or limitations and I figure out a way to solve it. And United States healthcare (which is really sick care) is one hell of a mess. I have an audacious plan to address it. Because I am a serial entrepreneur, Act 3 is set up in a holding company model. I am at my best when thinking, innovating and inspiring. Not when I am operating (which I had done for decades). My holding company, which I formed with my brilliant wife, is called Action Potential Holdings, Inc. So, to learn more about all the stuff we are doing, go to our website by clicking this link: